MSG-240-SO   -    Effortlessly create a tranquil corner in your home with the Mission Glider  meticulously designed to combine functionality and aesthetic appeal.



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Shown in: Quarter Sawn White Oak Wood with Asbury Stain (OCS-117)

Leather: Black

Experience the epitome of comfort with gliders, where an exceptionally smooth and balanced motion takes relaxation to the next level. These chairs stand as a testament to affordability and practicality, offering a blend of value and comfort that’s hard to match. The non-swivel mechanism ensures user safety, providing a stable and secure seating experience. Each glider is meticulously handcrafted in your choice of hardwood and color, allowing you to tailor the chair to your unique preferences and interior decor. Whether you’re seeking a cozy spot to read, soothe a baby, or simply unwind, our gliders provide the ideal solution, delivering both relaxation and peace of mind with their exceptional craftsmanship and secure design.