Heirloom Furniture & Hand Selected Home Decor

Locally Crafted Furniture and Home Decor For Your Home

Why King's Impressions


Locally Hand-Crafted

Furniture made with care in the United Stated and designed to inspire your home's unique narrative.


Family Run

Legacy of craftsmanship in the quality and heritage of each piece of furniture.

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Creating Memories

Each piece is designed to become a part of your family's story, cherished for generations to come.

Customizable Furniture

Hand crafted by local craftsmen, all of the furniture is customizable to fit your space. Whether you are looking for a specific style to wood species and stain color, our furniture here at King's Impressions can be made how you would like it.

Most of the furniture and decorative items are locally made or from Pennsylvania. The quality is exceptional and the prices are reasonable. The salespeople are very attentive and knowledgeable.

– Karl Berger