oval dining table

5 Reasons to Buy a Round Dining Table

May 5, 2024

When picking a dining room table, one of the biggest considerations after how many seats you need is what shape you’d like your table to be. A rectangular table is traditional, but there are circumstances where a circular or oval table is better suited for your space. Here are our top 5 reasons why you … Continued

Kings Impressions Fire Table

Accent Your Outdoor Living Space with a Fire Table

Apr 4, 2024

As summer approaches many families are working hard to get their outdoor living spaces ready for barbecues, parties, and night-time hangouts. At Kings Impressions, we take outdoor living seriously and carry a full line of products to take your outdoor space to the next level. In recent years, our Fire Tables have been an extremely … Continued

How to Furnish a Child’s Room

Feb 2, 2024

As your young children grow too big for their convertible crib, or you’re having another baby who needs the nursery, you’ll need to transition them to a normal bedroom. Follow this guide to help you pick out the furniture for your kid’s bedroom. Twin Bed The most important part of a kid’s bedroom is the … Continued

rustic furniture

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas

Dec 12, 2023

Here in Lancaster County, the rustic style has been a favorite of homeowners for decades and has since grown into a popular style around the United States. We love helping our customers achieve this style in their homes, and our handcrafted rustic furniture is built to stand the test of time. Today we are going … Continued

modern industrial look

Industrial Living Room Design Ideas

Industrial interior design pulls inspiration from urban living where warehouses are transformed into apartments and residential homes. Many industrial-style homes feature tall ceilings, lots of natural light, big windows, exposed beams, and open floor plans. This design style utilizes cement, bricks, iron, and pipes as room accents or decor. Despite originating with warehouses, you can … Continued

dining table with benches

Hardwood Furniture vs. Particle Board Furniture

When searching for new furniture for your home it is important to understand the materials manufacturers use to construct their pieces. As you are browsing retail stores and online marketplaces, the wood-style furniture you are seeing typically falls into two categories: hardwood and particleboard. Each material has its pros and cons, let’s compare the two … Continued

How to clean hardwood furniture

How to Take Care of Hardwood Furniture

Mar 3, 2023

All the furniture you’ll find at Kings Impressions is handcrafted from hardwood. Preserving the wood is paramount to keeping it looking healthy and elegant, and lengthening the lifespan of your piece. It can seem intimidating, but if you remember a few key things, your hardwood furniture can be an heirloom. Here are several tips for … Continued

Kings Impressions small dining set

Space Saving Furniture

Whether you’re outfitting a small child’s bedroom or only have so much square footage to work with in your living space, saving space becomes a top priority. When you look around your space, try to imagine what kinds of furniture you’ll need. Rearrange them and try to figure out if everything will fit. If your … Continued

Kings Impressions nursery furniture set

Choosing the Right Crib

Having a new addition to the family is an exciting, sometimes overwhelming, time filled with so many new decisions. Getting everything ready for the new baby can seem like it’s never ending! With all the clothing, planning, and baby-proofing, sometimes it feels like it’ll never be done. To make your life little easier in a … Continued

Home office furniture set

How to Design Your Home Office

Everyone’s secret dream is to work from home. Consequently, everyone’s nightmare is they’ll never get any work accomplished in their home office. If you want to do business from the comfort of your home, then define an organized and efficient space to spark creativity and motivate you to get things done. The more focus and … Continued

Rough sawn bedroom furniture

Rough Sawn Bedroom Furniture

Taking a moment to think about your bedroom furniture? It can be tough to find the right nightstand and dresser, not to mention a bed. And having them all match is almost impossible, unless you try out a collection. The good news is, at Kings Impressions, we have quite a few bedroom collections from which … Continued

Kings Impressions dining set

Picking a Dining Room Table

Choosing a dining room table can be tough. There are certainly many styles to choose from, and so many factors to keep in mind during the process. For example, the size and shape of your dining room, how many people you hope to seat, and the design motif of your home. Let’s take a look … Continued