AR-35   -   Auntie's Rocker exudes classic elegance and can elevate the aesthetic of any room, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.



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Shown in: Oak Wood with Asbury Stain (OCS-117)

Leather: Black

Experience the soothing embrace of our handcrafted rockers, where the gentle rocking motion takes relaxation to a whole new level. These rockers are versatile, finding their perfect place in living rooms, libraries, lounges, and waiting rooms, elevating any space with their timeless appeal. Carefully designed to accentuate the natural grain of the wood, our rockers celebrate the beauty of hardwood craftsmanship. The rhythmic rocking motion not only calms the mind but also provides numerous therapeutic benefits, making our rockers not just a stylish addition but also a source of physical and mental rejuvenation in your living space. The hardwood frame adds durability and also brings the authenticity of real wood into your home, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that sparks conversations with friends and family.