FVBR-4DR-LA    -   Lexington Arc Barrister Bookcase



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Dimensions: 40 3/4″w  x 64″h x 17 1/4″d

Shown in: Brown Maple Wood with Boston Stain (OCS-111)

Hardware: 1″ Black square knob

11 1/2″d x 12 1/2″h book area, 4 doors, slide smoothly into cabinet on roller glides, Leaded glass LGTU

The Lexington Arc office collection is a testament to the mastery of Midwestern craftsmanship, exemplifying skillful artisanship that resonates in every piece. Enhanced by contemporary standard hardware, the Lexington Arc furniture introduces a breathtaking visual dimension to your cherished space. Its presence not only captures the eye but also encourages you to explore its intricate nuances, a testament to your discerning sensibilities. The collection’s identity is distinguished by its boldly tapered legs, showcasing a distinctive style that seamlessly blends with modern aesthetics. Complemented by pleasing twists and a harmonious design, the furniture is more than just functional; it’s a statement of your taste for sophistication and elegance. With each element thoughtfully curated, the Lexington Arc collection transforms any room into a haven of refined aesthetics, inviting both productivity and admiration.