FVD-3365-EN   -  Redefine your office setting with the Ensenada Executive Desk, where functionality meets grandeur to create a workspace that inspires productivity.



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Dimensions: 67″w  x 31″h x 33″d

Shown in:  Sap Cherry Wood with Asbury Stain (OCS-117)

Hardware: T-2 Satin Nickel Drawer Pull

Pencil drawer, 1″ Solid top, Beveled edge on legs, Kneehole 24½”w, 1 File drawer on each side, Pullout above drawers on each side, Finished Back, Curved Top

The Ensenada office collection seamlessly introduces an artistic dimension, effortlessly bestowing upon any room a touch of gracefully casual elegance. This infusion goes beyond mere visual appeal, as the collection possesses the remarkable ability to shape and enhance the very atmosphere it occupies. Whether admired for its visual appeal or cherished for the tranquil mood it cultivates, the Ensenada collection stands as a testament to the power of design in shaping the dynamics of a space. The collection’s design resonates with an air of relaxed sophistication, creating a space that effortlessly blends comfort with style. Within this well-crafted space, the Ensenada collection serves as a captivating focal point, radiating a charm that captivates attention and invites appreciation.