Office Options

Power Supply Options

Please see individual desks for availability of options

Pop Up Power Supply

With a convenient pop up design, this pop up power supply lays flat on your desk until you need it. It comes with two outlets and two USB ports.

Round Pop Up Power Supply

The sleek round pop up power supply creates easy desktop access to your power source. With two outlets and two USB ports this power supply gives plenty of access to your powers supply

5 Outlet Powers

Placed conveniently under your desktop, along the inside of the back panel, the 5 outlet power supply allows you to discreetly hid away your cords with plenty of outlets.

Surface Mounted Power Supply

Located just below the desk top, this surface mounted power supply feature 3 outlets and 2 USB ports allowing for easy access to your power source.

Double USB Port

Mounted inside the pencil drawer, the double USB port creates easy charging station for your devices. Also comes with a black non-slip mat inside the drawer to help your devices in place.

Wireless Phone Charger

Conveniently built into your desk top, this Wireless Charger allows for you to keep your phone easy to reach while staying charged throughout the day.

Additional Options

Optional Features on Desks. Please see individual items for availability.

Drawer Lock

By adding a Drawer Lock, you can store away your important files with the confidence of them remaining confidential.

Keyboard Pullout Drawer

Upgrade the pencil drawer to the pullout Keyboard Drawer. With easy access to your keyboard while sliding it away when not in use, this feature is sure to upgrade your workspace.

Organizer Tray

Add this organizer tray to your pencil drawer. Providing convenient organized storage while including a hidden compartment underneath this organizer tray adds convenience to your space.