Tuscany dining set with a rectangle light wood trestle table and 8 white and light wood chairs.

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All dining tables at King’s Impressions are built with real, solid wood to improve durability and longevity. Because solid wood tables last a long time, they can be passed down as heirlooms for future generations to cherish and enjoy. Check out our most popular dining tables with styles ranging from industrial and contemporary to American colonial and rustic.

Brown wood Fort Knox dining table with connected table legs and a small drawer in the middle.

Fort Knox Table

The Fort Knox Table is an elegant and classic design that exudes fine dining. Part of the Fort Knox Collection, this rectangular dining table features a trestle base and the option of a solid top or extension leaves. With mid-century modern and contemporary styles, the Fort Knox Table is a statement on its own. Customizable options include various wood types, multiple natural finishes, and a wide range of sizes. This sophisticated table comes in dining height but is also available in counter and bar height through the Fort Knox Mountain Collection.

Authentic Craftsman Table

Mixing multiple styles, the Authentic Craftsman Table blends well with farmhouse, French country, and American colonial interiors. Part of the Authentic Craftsman Collection, this rectangular dining table stands out with its artisanal accents and unique leg design. Merging straight lines and angles with curves, the Authentic Craftsman Table stands 30 inches tall with custom finishes, different wood types, and extension options.

Wood Authentic Craftsman dining table with artisan table legs, a black stained table top, a rectangle top, and a white painted base.
Brown stained wood Western Roadhouse Trestle dining table with a trestle base, rectangle top, and slat sides.

Western Roadhouse Trestle Table

Standing 30 inches tall at dining height, the Western Roadhouse Trestle Table is fit for interiors with rustic, industrial, or urban rustic styles. As the name suggests, this rectangular dining table is part of the Western Roadhouse Collection and stands out with its trestle design. The Western Roadhouse Trestle Table can be purchased with a solid top, or made extendable with leaves. This dining table style is also available in counter and pub heights through the Western Roadhouse Mountain Table.

Savanna Table

Part of the Millport Collection, the Savanna Table features a minimalistic aesthetic that doesn’t sacrifice durability and quality. This lean, rectangular dining table can blend with various interior styles such as Scandinavian, contemporary, and mid-century modern. The Savanna Table comes in red oak, brown maple, or cherry wood with a large selection of rich finishes. Available only in dining height, this table’s simple yet trendy design looks great with many styles of dining chairs.

Minimalistic light wood Savanna dining table with a rectangle top and 4 skinny table legs.
Brown stained wood Easton Pike Mountain dining table with a rectangle top and 4 curved table legs.

Easton Pike Mountain Table

The Easton Pike Mountain Table has a versatile design that blends with many styles including rustic, farmhouse, American colonial, French country, industrial, contemporary, urban, and traditional. Available only in counter or pub heights, this rectangular table has options for extension leaves or a solid top. The Easton Pike Mountain Table is an integral part of the Easton Pike Mountain Collection with plenty of wood types and finish options for customers to choose from.

Sutter Mills Trestle Table

The Sutter Mills Trestle Table is a charming piece for fans of industrial and urban rustic styles. This rectangular dining table can come with a solid top or extension leaves for those who frequently entertain large groups of people. Part of the Sutter Mills Collection, this trestle base table stands out with a beautiful plank top and authentic saw marks that bring a natural coziness to any dining room. To buy this table in counter height or pub height, check out the Sutter Mills Mountain Table.

Brown stained wood Sutter Mills Trestle dining table with a rectangle top and a trestle base.
Two-tone brown stained Nashville dining table with curved table legs.

Nashville Table

Part of the Nashville Collection, the Nashville Table blends well with existing furniture and decor. This rectangular dining table is frequently designed with a two-tone finish to further enhance its natural beauty. The Nashville Table is unique with curved legs and rounded edges. This sleek table comes in dining height with options for extendable leaves. Customers can choose from various wood types and finishes to create a custom dining table.

American Relaxation Table

Elegant and timeless, the American Relaxation Table comes in round or oval shapes. This classic dining table has many options available for wood types, vibrant finishes, and extension add-ons. The rest of the American Relaxation Collection features early American styles with a modern flair. This table’s shape makes it perfect for small spaces or seating many people. Customers can shop the American Relaxation Mountain Collection to find these styles in counter and pub heights.

Brown stained American Relaxation dining table with an oval top and 4 curved table legs combined with a small shelf in the middle.
Brown stained wood Tuscany dining table with a rectangle top and a trestle base.

Tuscany Table

The Tuscany Table has a unique, grand design that stands out. This impressive dining table is available in red oak, brown maple, or cherry wood with a large selection of finishes to choose from. The Tuscany Table features an elegant base that is attached to a rectangular top and comes with a solid top or the option to add extension leaves. As seen with the rest of the Tuscany Collection, this table radiates a classic and luxurious style.

Lodge Table

Rustic and woodsy, the Lodge Table is the perfect addition to any cabin or lakehouse dining room. The rectangular Lodge Table brings the beauty of nature indoors with its authentic log trim and wood fibers. Made with rustic hickory wood, each dining table is unique with its own woodgrain patterns and comes with a solid top or extension leaves. Create a cozy, natural atmosphere inside your main residence or vacation home with our extensive Lodge Collection.

Lodge dining set with a dining table, 2 chairs, and 2 benches. The set features real logs for table legs, bench legs, chair backs, and chair legs.
Pedestal Dropleaf dining table with sides lifted, a white painted wood pedestal base, and a round brown stained wood top.

Pedestal Dropleaf Table

Part of the Clearview Collection, the Pedestal Dropleaf Table has a style reminiscent of farmhouse and American colonial designs. This round dining table is perfect for small spaces and cozy breakfast nooks with dropleafs that can be lifted for extra room. Available only in dining height, this pedestal table can be made from red oak, brown maple, or cherry wood. Tons of finish options give customers full customization and the ability to match colors with existing furniture.

Oceanside Outdoor Table

Waterproof and made for outdoor dining, the Oceanside Table can be purchased with a round, square, or rectangular top. For customers who frequently host large outdoor events, the Oceanside Large Table is a great choice. All versions of the Oceanside Table come in dining, counter, or pub heights. This table style is part of the Oceanside Collection which features durable and long-lasting poly furniture in various fade-resistant, vibrant shades. These coastal outdoor tables require minimal maintenance, making them perfect for dining by beaches, lakes, pools, or bays.

White round Oceanside outdoor dining table made with poly lumber and a combined base.
White rectangular Aquatic outdoor dining table made with poly lumber and 4 combined table legs.

Aquatic Outdoor Table

The Aquatic Table is an outdoor dining table that’s durable and contemporary in style. Like the rest of the Aquatic Collection, this table is built to endure all types of weather to ensure it lasts a long time. These modern outdoor tables are made with waterproof marine-grade poly lumber that is specifically designed for waterside dining. In addition to its standard dining height, these tables also come in counter and pub heights.

Octagon Picnic Table

Ideal for outdoor dining, the Octagon Picnic Table can comfortably fit more people than a traditional picnic table without taking up an excessive amount of space, seating eight people total. These waterproof outdoor tables are well-suited for backyard, poolside, and/or lakeside dining. Available in bold or natural colors, the Octagon Picnic Table creates easy, low-maintenance dining that is fit for regular, everyday use. These picnic tables will stay in great shape for years to come, making them perfect for families and pool party hosts.

White Octagon Picnic Table made with poly lumber and 8 seats.

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