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When picking a dining room table, one of the biggest considerations after how many seats you need is what shape you’d like your table to be. A rectangular table is traditional, but there are circumstances where a circular or oval table is better suited for your space. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should buy a round dining table.

More Inclusive for Better Conversation

One of the most notable advantages of round dining tables is their inclusivity, which fosters better conversation among diners. Unlike rectangular tables with designated “head” and “foot” positions, round tables eliminate hierarchy and promote equality among guests. This is one of the reasons why the legend of King Arthur uses a round table. This iconic piece of furniture symbolized equality among Arthur’s knights, with no knight holding a position of greater importance than another.

This absence of a head of the table encourages a more relaxed and engaging atmosphere during meals. Round tables make it easier for diners to see and speak with everyone seated around them. There are no awkward angles or distant corners that inhibit dinner conversation.

Fits in a Smaller Space

In addition to their social benefits, round dining tables are more efficient with space. Their circular design allows them to fit into smaller dining rooms or kitchens, making them ideal for apartments or smaller houses. Round tables also fit perfectly in a dining room or kitchen with curved bay window seating. Their circular shape matches the curvature of bay windows, creating a visually appealing and cohesive dining space.

Round tables can also accommodate more people than rectangular tables of similar dimensions. Sharp corners create dead space and limit seating capacity. With a round table, every square inch of surface area is usable, allowing for more people to gather around and enjoy a meal together.

More Leg and Elbow Room

Another advantage of round dining tables is the ample leg and elbow room they provide to diners. Unlike rectangular tables, which often have restricted leg space at the corners, round tables offer comfortable legroom throughout. Additionally, round tables eliminate the problem of bumping elbows that can occur with rectangular tables, especially if one person is left-handed and the other is right-handed. The curvature of round tables allows for more space beside you, so you won’t worry about bumping elbows.

Easier to Serve and Pass Food

When it comes to serving and passing food, round dining tables offer practical advantages over their rectangular counterparts. At formal dinners, the absence of corners makes it easier to navigate the table and serve your guests. Round tables provide more space in the center for serving large platters of food family-style. They make it convenient for everyone to reach and serve themselves or pass the platters around the circle.

Safer for Children

Round dining tables are a safer option for families with children. With their lack of sharp corners, round tables eliminate the risk of children bumping their heads or injuring themselves on the edges of the table. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their little ones can move freely around the table without the threat of accidents.

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