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As your young children grow too big for their convertible crib, or you’re having another baby who needs the nursery, you’ll need to transition them to a normal bedroom. Follow this guide to help you pick out the furniture for your kid’s bedroom.

Twin Bed

The most important part of a kid’s bedroom is the bed itself. Once your children grow too big for their crib, you should transition them to a twin bed. You should invest in a sturdy, hardwood bed because kids are rambunctious and you’ll need something to withstand a little jumping. If you are limited with space and need beds for multiple children, consider a bunk bed, which is a great way to save space.


You’ll need something at your child’s bedside for a reading lamp and alarm clock, so you should invest in a nightstand. Most nightstands have drawers for your kids to store some belongings, and some include shelves where you can store some books for bedtime stories.

Chest of Drawers or Dresser

Kids need a place to store their clothes and as they grow, they’ll need more space as their clothes become larger. You have two options for clothes storage, a chest of drawers and a dresser. A chest of drawers is thinner and taller if you’re limited with space, whereas a dresser is shorter and wider so that your kids can reach every drawer.

Toy Chest

To teach your children cleanliness and organization skills, you should invest in a toy chest for their room. Starting these lessons young will help them develop into productive adults. As a bonus, you won’t be stepping on spikey toys when you tuck your kids in at night. Some beds have storage compartments underneath the mattress, which is helpful if you are limited with space.


To encourage your children to read outside of school, you should buy a bookshelf or bookcase for their bedroom. There are plenty of short bookcases available, so your child can reach all of his or her books at any time to grow their imagination and build their reading skills. Children who are read to at least three times a week are twice as likely to score in the top 25% of their class, so you should definitely invest in this piece of furniture! 

Kid’s Desk & Chair

As your children grow older, they’ll receive more and more homework every year. Providing them with a dedicated space to work can help limit distractions. Much like with books, studies show that children with a dedicated desk perform better with schoolwork than those without one. They don’t need a large one, but there are plenty of smaller, student desks available for your kid’s room.

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