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Welcoming a new baby into your home is an exciting time, but finding extra space in your home to welcome your new bundle of joy isn’t always easy. Unfortunately your home doesn’t grow with your family, so getting creative with your living and storage spaces is essential in dealing with extra clutter. For homes with multiple children we have found that bunk beds are a great way to save space and create a fun environment for siblings to share a room. 

Twin Bunk Beds

Our standard bunk beds are the perfect choice for families who need to add an extra bed to a room without sacrificing floor space. The twin bunk bed is what most people picture when they think of bunk beds, and they are a great option for growing families and vacation home owners looking to save space. 

Twin Over Full Bunk Beds

The twin over full bunk bed has become a very popular choice amongst families with children of differing ages. Older children feel comfortable in the full bed, and younger children are excited to sleep up on the top bunk. A full bed and a twin bed set up in a room take up a lot of floor space, leaving little room for dressers, toy bins, or space to play. A bunk bed setup frees up floor space and allows the room to be used as a safe place to play, not just a room to sleep in. 

Bunk Beds With Storage

Bunk beds with storage are essentially a full bedroom set built into a bunk bed. Built in drawers, dressers, and desks save you space while also offering convenient storage options to fit your needs. These styles offer incredible efficiency, and take up much less storage space than a traditional bedroom set with dressers and nightstands. Many of our options also have built-in touch lighting for reading or writing at night. 

Loft Style Bunk Beds

Loft style bunk beds are great for families who may not need two beds in a room, but are short on floor space. This style has the design of a twin bunk bed, but the bottom bunk is open. This leaves room for extra storage, a desk, and even an entertainment center. We also carry a low-loft bunk bed with a built-in dresser and bookcase. 

If you’re interested in expanding your sleeping arrangements without sacrificing your floor plan, browse our bunk bed options or contact us with any questions!