Dining Table Buying Guide

Table Size

For tabletop size, allow a minimum of 18″ – 24” per guest. See the Size guide below to easy see how many you can seat at your table. For leg tables, measure for the additional 6” from both sides of the table to the first person sitting. Note: When you add leaves, for each set of 2 – 12″ leaves you add 2 seats.

Table Height

Tables come in three heights: standard dining tables are 30” high, with chair seat height at 18″high. Counter height tables are 36” high which is the same as any stove, with seat height at 24″ high. And bar height tables are 42” high with seat height at 30″ high.

Room Layout

Be sure to measure your room to determine the best table size for your space.

To provide adequate room for people to get up, push their chairs back, and walk around the table, aim for at least 48” from the edge of the table to the nearest wall or piece of furniture, with 36″ as the bare minimum.

Self Storing Leaves

Self storing leaves are a priority on our tables. When possible, leaves can be stored within the table by opening the top and laying the leaves parallel to the table. Typically rectangle tables, 36″ wide can store up to 2 leaves and 42″ and 48″ wide can store up to 4 leaves. Although round and square tops cannot self-store. Options vary on some tables.

Screw Out Levelers

Our tables feature screw-out levelers on the bottom of each leg, pedestal foot, or trestle post, allowing height adjustments for uneven floors.