1940   -  The Fireplace Mantle with 33 in. Insert brings warmth and ambiance to your living space with its integrated electric fireplace.



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Shown in: Brown Maple Wood with White Paint (FP-W0117)

Dimensions: 59”w x 43”h x 15”d

The electric fireplace mantles in our collection are designed to enhance the ambiance of your home while offering the convenience of low maintenance and energy efficiency. With adjustable heat and flame settings, these fireplaces can be customized to suit your mood and season. The convenient remote control allows you to manage the ambiance from the comfort of your seat, while the energy-efficient design helps to keep your energy bills low.

Choose from a wide array of solid hardwoods and finishes to create a mantle that complements your décor. The design of the Mantles with Electric Fireplace Insert showcases authentic Amish craftsmanship, providing a timeless centerpiece for your family’s gathering area.

Enjoy the benefits of an electric fireplace without the hassle of traditional fireplaces. There’s no need to clean up ashes, no special tools required, and no inspections or fumes to worry about. With an electric fireplace, you can focus on enjoying quality time with family and friends, knowing that the warmth and ambiance are just a click away.

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