Children’s Furniture Options

Standard Features

Each of these features are standard on the cribs.

No Bolts Showing

Sliding Top with Lock provides discreet storage for your nightstand, offering easy access to valuables while keeping them secure and hidden.

Hidden Fasteners on Top Molding

Keep your devices powered up with our nightstands’ Built-in Charging Station, providing convenient and clutter-free charging right at your bedside.

Three position Y-Frame Mattress Support

The LED Touch Night Light is easily activated with a side button. The soft light shines from underneath, offering practical illumination during the night.

Conversion Kit Options

Add a conversion kit so the crib can grow with your child. Please see individual cribs for availability of options.

Toddler Bed Conversion Kit

Add this conversion kit to your crib to help your little one transition into a toddler bed. By simply replacing the front panel with the conversion panel your crib grows into a toddler bed.

Full Size Conversion Kit

With rails and slats to convert your crib into a full size bed, this conversion kit helps your crib grow with your child. By using the front and back panel with the conversion kit you can easy transform your crib.