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As the sunlight continues to linger longer and the temperature increases, many are considering the idea of moving the entertainment outdoors. Whether you plan to accommodate friends, family, or the kids over a weekend, we have the perfect summer guide to discovering which picnic table options are the right fit for your summertime fun. 

Read on to learn more about the options available from King’s Impressions, which range from traditional wood picnic tables to heavy duty models that are up to the challenge of large families or corporate use.

Discover a Whole New World of Skillfully Crafted Picnic Tables

Why shop around with a picnic table buying guide, when you can rely on an overview about the quality materials our experts produce in-house? Whether you require an entire picnic table set complete with backed benches, or you have a table but are in need of separate seating accommodations, King’s Impressions can help.  

An Overview of Our Quality Picnic Table and Seating Selections:

  1. Perfect for small backyards or cabin getaways, our picnic table with attached split benches comes in weatherwood with brown framework.
  2. A more traditional choice, our picnic tables with attached benches can be paired with additional border tables or benches to accommodate larger families or gatherings.
  3. If freedom of motion is important to you, enjoy one of our picnic border table sets which feature free moving benches without backs or with support, depending on your needs.
  4. Customize your benches, tables or other picnic style options with a quote from one of our professionals. 

What’s the Best Material for a Picnic Table? Wood Vs. Vinyl 

If you’re curious about which material is a better investment for your money when it comes to wood or vinyl picnic furniture, both options have their pros and cons. When wood is the primary material, treated lumber is typically used because of its ability to hold up well for a number of years. This is particularly important for families who may want a structure that will last several generations to come. 

Vinyl, on the other hand, is also a good decision to opt for when longevity is a major concern. This material uses the same frame as wooden options, but protects it with the added element secured around it. Although this will run you more in the final bill, you will not need to worry about annual or regular maintenance which is a bonus for many buyers. 

Opting for wood versus vinyl outdoor furniture should depend upon:

  1. The climate you live in and the elements your furniture will be prone to on a regular basis
  2. The size of your backyard and whether there are ample options for storage or shelter from harsh weather, etc.
  3. How often you personally feel like performing preventative maintenance on your furniture
  4. Which look, feel, and aura you want your outdoor style to communicate to guests
  5. Whether or not you’d like a variety of colors to choose from (color options are available when you select vinyl)

Imagine Your Options: Browse Wooden Picnic Tables and Benches

Don’t wait! Browse our gallery of available hand-crafted furniture options and decide which style is right for you. We’re ready and excited to assist you regardless of your needs, and can arrange for a quote or provide a testimonial!