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Lancaster County residents often view the kitchen as the most important room in their home. Sunday dinner is sometimes an all day affair, with a stream of family members hovering around the stove to steal a taste or engage in meaningful conversation. Over the years King’s Impressions  has helped hundreds of families transform their kitchen with islands that encourage gathering and increase counter space. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite kitchen island designs and how they can reinvent your kitchen. 

Kitchen Islands with Seating

We love helping our customers pair their kitchen island with comfortable stools that invite family and friends to gather around. In order to properly utilize kitchen islands with seating you will need plenty of space or an open floor plan. Open floor plan kitchens are a design style that have increased in popularity in recent years. 

Islands made to accommodate stools will have a cutout to store the stools and to allow people to comfortably eat while seated at it. Check out our lines of stools and counter benches to find the perfect seating options for your kitchen island. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Islands

Since the early 2000s, farmhouse furniture has  gained popularity and we love the warmth and comfort the style brings. This style combines the look of a farmhouse and modern design concepts, usually with creative finishes and vintage looks. Farmhouse kitchen islands are very versatile and mesh well with both modern and rustic kitchens. Our Constance Bay island shown to the right features beautiful brush marked paint and a rough sawn top, perfectly combining the warmth of the farmhouse style with modern construction.

If you are interested in learning more about farmhouse style we invite you to read our recent blog post, “How to Achieve the Farmhouse Style in Your Home.”

Small Kitchen Islands

Small kitchen islands are an effective way to add counter space and storage options within the confines of a compact kitchen. Having space to prep your meals and store your kitchen essentials is important, and each island can be customized with different drawer and shelving options to accommodate your specific needs. The Jefferson City Traditional Island showcased to the left is 34.5″ H × 32.5″ W × 24″ D, offering you efficient storage options without consuming much  of your floor plan. 

Kitchen Island Options

Every kitchen island in King’s Impressions product line can be customized with different storage options to save space and increase efficiency. To save floor space we offer two trash can storage options that can store one 36-quart trash can as a tilt out or two 21-quart trash cans as a drawer. Additionally, you can order custom sliding shelf options that are perfect for storing spices or your frequently-used pots and pans. If you’re an avid baker we can install a mixer lift that stores your standing mixer and lifts out for easy access. Check out all of our kitchen island customization options here

Are you inspired by any of the ideas we’ve discussed in this post?  If you are, please browse King’s Impressions selection of kitchen islands today to transform your kitchen. Or if you have questions about island configurations and customizations you view in our product line, don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience!