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When buying your first home, the amount of space you have to fill with furniture is overwhelming. You might not know where to start buying furniture after purchasing your home. That’s why we put together this checklist of essential furniture for your first home and what furniture you can save for later.

This list doesn’t include appliances like a stove, oven, refrigerator, washer and dryer. We also don’t include bathroom fixtures. Many homes come with these items or you’ll need to buy these immediately before moving in.

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Starting Your Furniture Shopping

Measure Your Rooms’ Dimensions

Before you start shopping for furniture, measure the dimensions of each room you’ll be furnishing and bring the dimensions with you to the furniture store. Be sure to include measurements for doors and windows. This will help you determine how much furniture to include in a room and how large the furniture should be. A general rule of thumb is to plan for about 3 feet of space between your large pieces of furniture, like sofas and dining table.

Research Furniture Styles

Take some time to research styles and colors of furniture that match the aesthetic you’re looking for in your new home. Amish-made furniture is a great place to start looking. All pieces are handcrafted and built to last, as an investment like furniture should be. Avoid furniture made from particle board and veneer, as they quickly deteriorate.

Know What Rooms to Prioritize

You need to understand which rooms take priority before you start filling them with furniture. Focus on your high-traffic areas, the rooms you’ll be in everyday. These include your dining room and/or kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Save your spare bedrooms, man-cave, she-shed, and home office for later (unless you work from home).

What Furniture to Invest in First When Moving Into Your New Home

Once you prepare for furniture shopping, you should know what order to buy furniture. You did just purchase a house, after all, so you might not be able to afford everything at once. These are the essential pieces of furniture you should buy first. 

Dining Room/Kitchen

Dining TableDining tables are essential for eating meals at home. They facilitate great conversation with friends and family over a meal. If your kitchen is large enough for a table in addition to your dining room table, pick one to start with and purchase the other later.

Dining Chairs – During those family meals, you’ll need places to sit. Buy dining chairs at the same time as your dining table; many often come as part of a dining set.

Barstools – If your kitchen has an island or other type of countertop seating, you’ll need taller barstool seating to eat there.

Living Room

Sofa – You’ll want a place to relax after a long day at work. A new sofa is the best place to unwind and enjoy some entertainment in your new home. Depending on the size of your living room, you might start with just one sofa or add on a loveseat or reclining chair.

Entertainment Center – Also known as a media cabinet or tv stand, your entertainment center is a necessary part of your living space. It houses your television and other electronics to keep them organized.


Bed Frame – Before spending your first night at your new house, you’ll need a place to sleep. Preparing your bed starts with purchasing a bed frame. You’ll want to invest in a sturdy, wooden frame that will last for years.

Mattress & Other Bedding – Next, you’ll need to buy what goes on top of the bed frame – the mattress and other bedding, including pillows, sheets, and blankets.

Nightstand – Also known as a bedside table, nightstands are essential to place your small belongings, like a watch and cellphone, overnight.

Drawers A chest of drawers will help you organize your clothes and keep your bedroom clean. Depending on how much closet space you have, you might even want to invest in multiple.

Home Office

Desk – If you work from home, buying an office desk is essential. Sure, you could use your dining table for a bit but you’ll quickly find yourself in need of a dedicated work desk.

Desk Chair – Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day gets to be uncomfortable. A sturdy, comfortable desk chair should be purchased with your new desk.

Around the House

Lighting – Check every room to see if there is sufficient lighting. If a room lacks any built-in light fixtures, you’ll want to purchase standing lamps and table lamps to accommodate.

Curtains – For your own privacy, you’ll want to invest in curtains or blinds for every window. They can keep burglars from scoping out your belongings and keep a glare off of your TV.

What Furniture You Can Wait to Purchase

After the essential furniture has been purchased, you can enjoy your home for a while before jumping back into furniture shopping. Once you’re ready to shop again, here are the pieces you’ll want to look out for.

Dining Room

China cabinet – If you own some fine china or other easily breakable valuables, you should invest in a china cabinet or hutch to display it all.

Cupboard – As you accumulate more kitchenware and your cabinet space is limited, a standalone cupboard or server can free up some space for you.

Living Room

Coffee Table – Purchasing a coffee table is a great way to prevent spills on your sofa, keeps the remote from escaping to the couch cushions, and completes the look of your living room.

End TablesEnd tables are another great option for your living room if you don’t have enough space in front of your couch but plenty of space next to it.

Extra Seating – If you didn’t previously purchase a loveseat or reclining chair now is the time to invest in additional seating. Ottomans are a great option that have multiple functions.


Dresser – As your drawers fill up over time, investing in a dresser is a good option to expand your storage space. Many come with mirrors so you no longer have to visit the bathroom mirror while getting dressed. Vanity dressers also come with stools.

Wardrobe – Wardrobes or armoires are great additions to your bedroom furniture when you run out of closet space. They keep your hanging clothing free from wrinkles.

Home Office 

Filing Cabinet – Filing cabinets are helpful in sorting all the utility bills, mortgage papers, and other important documents for your new home. This piece of furniture is a great addition to your home office.

Spare Bed – Many home offices take up a spare bedroom. If you’d like a home office but don’t want to lose the functionality of a spare bedroom, buy another bed and place it in your office!

Around the House

Extra Lighting – After you purchase all the essential lighting needed for your home, consider purchasing some extra lighting. A table lamp on your end table might be all the light you need sometimes and will use less electricity than overhead lights.

Extra Storage – Extra storage options, like bookcases and toy chests, keep your belongings organized once you run out of cabinet and closet space.

Accent Rugs – Accent rugs are a great way to add a pop of color and show off your style. They also prevent damage to your hardwood floors.

Mirrors & Art – This is where you can really let your style show. Placing mirrors and art along your walls bring everything together and make your room feel complete.

Start Furniture Shopping for Your New Home

There’s our checklist for the furniture you’ll need to purchase first for a new home. Now, it’s time to measure, research, and prioritize your rooms. Once you do, start your furniture shopping with Amish-made wooden furniture.