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Springtime is upon us, which means that it’s time to clean up your winter clutter and shake off the dust that comes with being cooped up in your home for months. One of the most daunting tasks of a spring cleaning project is cleaning the furniture throughout your home. Each furniture material requires different care, and you may even have some scratches or imperfections you need to restore. Today we are going to discuss the safest ways to clean various types of furniture so you can confidently complete your spring cleaning projects. 

How to Clean Hardwood Furniture

The cleaning process of your hardwood furniture depends on how diligent you have been throughout the year. Here are some simple care and cleaning techniques that will keep your furniture looking pristine and help prevent a future heavy cleaning project. Been slacking on your furniture maintenance? No problem! We have some solutions that can help you return your hardwood furniture to its former glory. 

Dust Regularly

Hardwood furniture has a tendency to collect dust, which takes away from its look and potentially causes scratches or imperfections in the wood. Dust can also stick to the finish if left for too long, which requires a more in depth cleaning. We recommend using a microfiber cloth or disposable duster to regularly remove dust. 

Polishing Your Hardwood Furniture

Regularly polishing your hardwood furniture not only helps preserve the wood, it removes friction from the surface of the furniture. This helps repel dust, minor spills, and scratches. Murphy Oil Soap is a great product, and they have a handy guide on how to polish your furniture. 

Fixing Scratches

Getting a scratch in your hardwood furniture can be devastating, but we’re here to help! Whether you have a light surface scratch or a deeper gouge, there are ways to restore your piece to its former glory. This furniture repair guide will help guide you during your restoration project. 

Are you thinking about purchasing a piece of hardwood furniture? We have guides that run you through wood species and table styles to assist you in your search. 

How to Clean Upholstered Furniture

Cleaning your upholstered furniture can be intimidating, especially if you have children or pets. Pet hair, muddy paws, spilled sippy cups, and more have plagued your couch or chair throughout the year. Let’s take a look at how to maintain and clean your upholstered furniture. 

Vacuum Regularly

Dust and debris left unchecked can damage the fabric or cause discoloration. When vacuuming be sure to remove all cushions if possible to get into all of the cracks and crevices. 

Removing Stains

If your couch has become stained over the course of the year, spring cleaning is a great time to take care of it. The first step of the cleaning process is identifying the fabric type of your couch, which can be found on your couches labels. The different fabric types you may find are below. 

  • WS
  • S
  • X
  • W

HGTV has a great guide for cleaning different types of upholstery. 

How to Clean Leather Furniture

Leather is one of the most durable upholstery materials if cared for properly, but it isn’t immune to stains or damage. Leather furniture should be polished once every few months to keep its shine and to prevent cracking. Cleaning stains is a little more precarious with leather furniture, as it is very sensitive to moisture. This guide will help you navigate the cleaning of your leather couch with ease. 

At King’s Impressions we carry Amish-made furniture that is built to last. If you follow these cleaning steps our furniture will be in your furniture for generations.