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Industrial interior design pulls inspiration from urban living where warehouses are transformed into apartments and residential homes. Many industrial-style homes feature tall ceilings, lots of natural light, big windows, exposed beams, and open floor plans. This design style utilizes cement, bricks, iron, and pipes as room accents or decor.

Despite originating with warehouses, you can achieve an industrial design in the home you’re already in. Best of all, industrial interior design is flexible with functionality and style. You can design your industrial living room the way you want, like focusing on a modern industrial style or going the rustic route.

Use Leather & Natural Materials

Using natural materials in the design of your space is key to creating an industrial style, and leather couches are a common focal point in industrial living rooms. Choosing a leather sofa or chairs in black, tan, or brown will help you get the classic industrial look you want.

Industrial interior design uses earthy colors like brown, black, rust, camel, and clay red. These colors give your space a natural look, but can also be used as a backdrop for bursts of colors.

If you want an industrial-style living room but don’t like the feel of leather seating, you can select seating made with linen or suede to keep that industrial look. You can also include leather accents in decorations throughout the room, such as a cowhide rug.

Adding a chaise or chair set is another great way to include leather, linen, or suede seating in your home.

Keep Shelving Open

Just like its tall ceilings and open layout, the shelving used in this room should also be open. These bookcases are generally open on
all sides with no closing cabinets or back.

You can choose freestanding bookcases or floating wall shelves to show off and store decorative belongings. Bookcases and shelving that incorporate natural materials like wood and metal are perfect
for industrial-style homes.

Mix and Match Lighting

Metal is frequently used as the base of lamps and lighting fixtures in industrial spaces. For example, copper and brass are popular choices for lights and hardware. Your choice of modern industrial design or rustic industrial design will determine which method of lighting looks best.

If you want a modern industrial living room, choose a tripod floor lampblack pendant lights, or sleek metal lighting. If you want a rustic look then string lights, cage lighting, or open bulbs like Edison bulbs are the way to go. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, though. You may find some rustic accents enhance your modern industrial room and vice versa.

Liven up Your Space with Plants

Having plenty of natural light in your living room creates the perfect environment for live plants. While many types of plants mesh well in an industrial-style space, there are a few that really stand out.

These include the Fiddle Leaf FigSnake PlantMonstera DeliciosaPothosKentia Palm, and Yucca Cane

You can further match your plants to your space with pots and planters made from cement, clay, fiberglass, metal, fiberstone, and wood.

Incorporate Used or Distressed Items

Thrifted furniture, decorations, and antiques look at home in an industrial-style living room. Similarly, many stores carry new, quality furniture that’s made to look distressed or vintage.

If you’d like your furniture to look more distressed, you can use a little sandpaper for some light, DIY distressing. Popular vintage and distressed art pieces in industrial homes include blueprints, maps, abstract canvases, and old signs.

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