How to clean hardwood furniture

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All the furniture you’ll find at Kings Impressions is handcrafted from hardwood. Preserving the wood is paramount to keeping it looking healthy and elegant, and lengthening the lifespan of your piece. It can seem intimidating, but if you remember a few key things, your hardwood furniture can be an heirloom.

Here are several tips for keeping your furniture looking fine for generations.

Humidity Control

With forced air and air conditioning, imbalanced humidity levels happen more often than you’d think. By rapidly changing temperatures in such a way, wood pieces have a hard time adapting at the same pace. When possible, the ideal range of humidity in the home for hardwood is between 40 and 60 percent.

When the humidity level dips too low, hardwood can crack and split in the dry air. Conversely, when the humidity level rises too high, hardwood can expand and deteriorate. You can usually feel when humidity is becoming a problem, and as your skin reacts to the changes, you can adjust the temperature.

When in doubt, you can always try a humidifier or dehumidifier on the worst days to control humidity levels.

Water Resistant

The furniture at Kings Impressions is finished with a catalyzed varnish on top of the stain of your choice for durable finish to help it withstand daily use. To keep a hardwood piece looking healthy and beautiful, it’s a good idea to keep water off the surfaces. If something spills, wipe it as soon as you can.

To make sure water doesn’t sit on your hardwood surface for too long, you can even use placemats, coasters, and cloths; and encourage your family and guests to do the same.

Water Based Cleaner

With any hardwood surface, try to avoid harsh chemicals when possible. The wood will absorb harmful chemicals and deteriorate over time. You can always wipe down your hardwood surface with a clean, damp cloth, and occasionally use a water-based cleaner and polish.

At Kings Impressions, we offer samples of our favorite hardwood cleaners and polish for anyone who needs a little help deciding. We recommend using the cleaner weekly as needed and using the polish not more than once a month. If you have any additional questions on taking care of your hardwood furniture, don’t hesitate to contact us!