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If you close your eyes, you can probably remember a time when you visited a friend or family member’s home. As you transitioned through each room, did you notice a drastic shift in color, decor, or furnishings? Or was there a more subtle evolution as you journeyed through the premises? Hopefully, more often than not, you can recall the latter of these experiences as everyone hopes to achieve a degree of uniformity when it comes to their home’s sense of style.

Discover how to ease guests and residents alike into each room with welcoming changes that unite the overall theme of your household. You’ll soon be aware of the reasons that we insist on saying, “different rooms don’t have to mean different styles!”.

Decorating and Furnishing Your Home to Coordinate Different Rooms

Despite the room, furniture for your home should make a statement to anyone who visits that the space is your family’s. This can be difficult to achieve, because many times, the furniture in any given room is a reflection of a kind gesture from friends or family (i.e. a hand me down collection). In addition, many first-time home owners may have moved in with sets obtained from less expensive chain brands that have no rhyme or reason with respect to coordination.

Living room furniture, bedroom furniture and dining furniture can achieve a cohesive look while serving inherently different purposes! If you consider the tone of staining, for instance, in your home, you can match each area’s collections around the tone. Darker stains call for a specific set of wood, such as cherry, whereas lighter shades are best for additional flares like white or ivory paint finishes. 

You might also consider investing in slipcovers for dining furniture seat cushions, or living area sofas and couches. This way, you can be sure that all patterns and colors will match from room to room as guests make their way through. 

Small Touches Make All the Difference

On top of considering whether a particular set of furniture is right in finish, paint, or texture, you should also think about whether you can imagine a given item serving a purpose in more than one room in your home. You should be able to see repurposing or temporarily switching out products such as chairs, tables and storage units, since these can serve the same purpose in more than one kind of room. If your home is one where common areas exist, you might enjoy using furniture to break up an otherwise open space that can lack any clue as to what the function of the space is.

Planning ahead and purchasing art (i.e. landscapes, cityscapes, bridges, country scenes) with repeated motifs can also help to unite furniture across support walls. Research carpets, wood flooring, or area rugs to reinforce colors that you wish to highlight.

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Whether you are on a quest for dining, bedroom or living room furniture, we can help. Review our complete listing of dining room collections, including tables, chairs and servers. Sort through bedroom products and storage options, or expand your holistic theme to the outdoors with one of our dining, picnic or living sets.

What better way to enjoy the quickly approaching holiday season than by enjoying a relaxing cup of hot cocoa in any one of your many rooms in one of our exquisitely matching furniture collections.