How to move furniture

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When you’ve finally taken the leap and decided to buy a beautiful piece of furniture, you want to be certain that you can take it home safely. Keeping yourself and your moving buddies safe, without bringing harm to the heirloom piece, is crucial after a purchase. Here’s how to get the job done without getting hurt.

Essential Prep Work

Before you think about taking your beautiful new furniture home, there are a few things to cover first. Visualize your home, and the room the piece will go in. Take measurements of your new piece, and make sure the size is just right for the space. Make sure it will fit in the space you have! There’s nothing worse than overestimating your space and only discovering it after the piece is already home.

Make sure the moving vehicle is large enough for your new furniture. The biggest tip we can share is – blankets! The necessity of blankets to safely transfer furniture can’t be emphasized enough, rather have extra blankets than not enough. Cardboard and plastic wrap can be used but usually do not offer the protection needed. If you are running low on blankets, towels and sleeping bags can also be used.

Assisting Equipment

The moving process will go a whole lot smoother with some equipment – like dollies. Dollies take much of the weight off the movers and shifts it to wheels. With dollies, the primary movement is sliding instead of lifting – which is always preferable whenever possible. When furniture is placed on its side and onto a dolly, it can be rolled wherever you need without scuffing floors.

Unfortunately, neither of these will help you when facing a flight of stairs. This is when good old-fashioned muscles come in!

The Right Way to Lift

This one is simple, and one we’ve all heard at least once in our lives. But that doesn’t make it not worth noting! The number one rule of moving is: lift with your legs, and not with your back.

It’s tempting to lift with your back, and it’s often how we automatically try on our first attempt. It’s crucial for back health and to avoid injury, however, to lift with the legs. Also, bending at the knee and not the waist. Keeping these two things in mind while moving your piece will greatly improve your moving experience – and keep your body safe.

At Kings Impressions, we take moving furniture seriously. We want everyone to be safe and to keep your furniture safe as well. Contact us or give us a call if you need any information on our furniture, and how to best take it home.