Home office furniture set

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Everyone’s secret dream is to work from home. Consequently, everyone’s nightmare is they’ll never get any work accomplished in their home office. If you want to do business from the comfort of your home, then define an organized and efficient space to spark creativity and motivate you to get things done.

The more focus and peace a room provides, the more time you will want to spend there. Without the right combination of business and pleasure in your home office, you might have trouble managing your time the right way.

A Room with a View

A home office is not the same as a spare bedroom. As you make plans for an office, it might be best to empty the entire room and start with a blank canvas. Since the desk is probably the most important item in this room, position it with a view in mind.

A desk can face the door or a window. If you have several good locations in the room and cannot decide where to place the desk, select a central spot with easy access to the door. Then, use a swivel chair to change up your view while working.

Consider the view from your desk and the view if you plan to accept visitors into your home office. Will you need a chair or two across from your desk, or do you want to sit to the side and consult with someone in a less formal setting?

As you begin to place the desk and a few chairs, walk around the room and back out the door to see what the office looks like from different perspectives. Settle on a space that looks inviting from the outside and not cramped from the inside.

If you have a hard time sitting in one place for long, add alternative seating to the office like a chaise lounge with a reading lamp. This gives you a place to reposition without leaving the room. Then you can just pick up your laptop and move!

Natural and indoor lighting is essential, as spaces appear larger and obviously more visible with light. The window may not need privacy curtains and if not, leave them off. This will provide more natural light to the room. Test your office light in the evening by turning on all the lights. If you find dark areas, that’s where you will need to add lighting.

Minimize Clutter to Minimize Distractions

Make the most of your space. Your desk, floor, and chairs should remain clutter-free which will help focus your mind. If your office does not have a closet, consider a desk with a hutch top and/or a bookcase with doors and baskets to conceal all the necessary unsightly office supplies.

The first thing your desk should provide is a flat, clean work space. This seems like a no-brainer but take a look at your current setup. Does that space motivate you to concentrate for long periods? How often do you sit there? Consider a minimalistic desk, with a smooth work surface. Your computer will look great all by itself on this desk with its clean lines and minimal distractions. The drawers provide enough storage to get little items like sticky notes and favorite pens off your desktop.

Similarly, don’t tuck away things you use every day. Place an inbox front and center. When it’s time to respond to urgent mail or bills, they’re all neatly stacked and ready. And it’s okay to prioritize even your “Must Do” list. Pull out the most important pieces and complete those first. Keep paper, a stapler, tape, scissors, etc. in a shallow drawer or on a shelf in the closet. Setting these out on your desk will only distract you. Use deep drawers to store files. Don’t fill these drawers with small items or you’ll never find them when they are needed.

Pick a Theme and Accessorize

Keep your home office simple and visually streamlined. This process is all about creating a space that inspires you to work! So, if you’re in the paint store and fretting over color samples, just pick the one that makes you happy.

Use family heirlooms and unique, one of a kind pieces to really add character into your work space. Treat your office with the same respect you give the living room. Hang art, photos, and certificates of accomplishment, and don’t hesitate to take a walk around your home and pick a few favorite items to repurpose in your office. You’d be surprised how a forgotten item becomes the centerpiece in another room.

When selecting furniture, look for a style that offers additional furniture to visually organize the office. Mismatched pieces can be distracting, so consider a matching bookcase, chair, filing cabinet, or hutch to go with your desk. For example, the Boulder Creek collection offers all three, and they even have a bookcase with a cabinet in the base. Matching furniture will pull the room together and assist in keeping the space organized and clean.

Setting up your home office can be overwhelming, so take time to think things through and set up a home office space that will work for you. Make it a room that inspires you to focus as well as tackle household business. Include furniture pieces that provide a space to work with a clear mind, and keep the room organized. Place your desk in a practical location and provide lighting to keep the room bright. Finally, accessorize with art and decorative items you already own. If you have any questions about home office furniture, or need any advice in picking your pieces, give us a call or contact us today!