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Now more than ever you are likely to be intimately familiar with the opportunities that exist for you to spruce up your household’s decor. If you’ve worked through your entire video and television series watch list in the same setting over the past several months, you are likely ready for a change. That’s why we’re offering details ranging from simple upgrades to more elaborate or intentional themes that you can bring into your home. 

One major wildcard that might surprise those of you who are used to keeping up with household trends? Embracing the everyday clutter in your life by raising it to a higher standard. Does this sound like fun? If so, this is merely one way to shake things up for a fresh look in the new year. 

We haven’t even mentioned revamping a living room or den with peel-and-stick wallpaper or keeping plaster walls intact following a new move. Why match a monotone winter landscape to your indoor look, when you can bring zest into your rooms with new decor that is funky, fun and fresh?  

Embracing Bold Tones, Liveable Clutter and Cozy Vibes

Although several of us are hungry for jet-setting or cross-country travel, we often forget that our homes offer us the ability to escape any time we want. That’s why using a new year as an excuse to mix up your daily view can be liberating! Invite the kids or your partner into the play room for a vacation-inspired family game night, and redecorate beforehand to make it feel like an entirely new experience. 

What’s better, is that several of the trendiest living room looks are complementary to timeless pieces you may already have in your home, such as our American Relaxation dining room furniture. Regardless of whether you are looking to spruce up an existing bedroom, patio, sunroom, home office, or even home gym, there are fine and grand touches alike that can help you achieve the look, style and vibe you desire. 

Peruse the following quick tips that can help you convert your target room into one with a brand new purpose, or merely a brand new color, accent wall, or knick-knack display!

  • Yellow as a way to add instant flare to any room: This is especially perfect for those who may have incorporated the country chic look in the past, as you can easily paint rustic items with this year’s top hues. The same goes for pillows or throws used to accent your lounge furniture, or tablecloths and plates that can be prominently displayed in kitchens and dining rooms.
  • Grays help competing elements come together: According to the top color of the year, one of its major benefits is an ability to unite otherwise mismatched or multiple layered styles. Connect large common areas or open spaces in your home with dark slate greys with carefully selected runners, rugs or art. 
  • Embrace your inner cottage core: Where nostalgia and traditional comforts reign! If you opted for cottage over country the past few years, you can also use a conversion technique to match the past with a present tone. Cozy chic is also a look and feel that has gained popularity early in the year, with wood, stone and overs tacked book shelves partially driving the rage. Rearrange cottage style elements to reflect more of a cluttered but organized feel, and match the colors and textures to a rustic cabin theme. 
  • Add or convert a room for multipurpose use: You may have heard the adage “never buy a tool that only performs one task”. However, have you ever thought of applying this concept to your home decoration process? “More for your money” trends continue to be popular simply because many of us are realizing we need more room. If you have access to open space floor plans, dividers and separators can help create areas for new purposes and new decor opportunities.  

One last major change that we cannot help but notice? Clutter is actually to be embraced this year. Don’t worry about buying matching organized cubbies for hiding DVDs, books, or video games. Instead, think about ways that you can tell stories with the items that make up the everyday moments of your day to day life. Sometimes, the perfect place for an item is where it naturally tends to fall!

Tips for Upgrading Your Look and Additional Enhancements 

As you can probably appreciate, there has never been a time where the beauty of items in your home is as important as functionality. Although aesthetics are certainly important and the central core of a home’s design scheme, you should recognize the ways you use the spaces in your home first, and how you tend to feel while you are in one room relative to another. Think about how you can use design to naturally enhance each of these factors and experiences.  

This is one area where attention to detail in the form of color and hue can be useful. For instance, keep the favorite armchair that nurses you through cold winter nights, but refresh it with a boldly patterned slip-cover. Or, consider a statement piece in the form of a sculpture, well-placed grandfather clock, or oversized indoor planter stuffed to the brim with sunflowers.

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If the time is right to replace or upgrade your current arrangement, we can also help you choose a new look and style that is right for you with a great price to match. Let us take the pressure and stress away from the process of investing in pieces that compliment you as well now, as they will well into the future. 

Once you are ready, pick up the phone or contact us online to let us know your needs, wants and budget. With decades in the industry, we know that we can arrive at a solution that will transform your living room.