Kings Impressions Fire Table

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As summer approaches many families are working hard to get their outdoor living spaces ready for barbecues, parties, and night-time hangouts. At Kings Impressions, we take outdoor living seriously and carry a full line of products to take your outdoor space to the next level. In recent years, our Fire Tables have been an extremely popular option to bring warmth and comfort to any gathering. Today we are going to take a look at the benefits of a fire table, and why it may be the perfect accent to your backyard. 

What is a Fire Table? 

A fire table is a multi-functional outdoor dining table with a gas fireplace in the center. They feature a central firepit surrounded by a tabletop surface, combining the warmth and fun of a campfire with the comfort of a dining table. A propane tank is stored in a hidden compartment in the table base and feeds consistent, low-burning flames to the table. The tabletop firepit is surrounded by glass or plexiglass to protect cups and plates. 

At Kings Impressions, we have fire table sizes and styles to fit any outdoor space and family size. From the 40” x 60” full dining table shown to the right, to our Round Fire Table for more intimate gatherings, our fire tables perfectly marry form and function to level up your outdoor living space. 

Fire Table Outdoor Living Ideas

Fire Tables and Pergolas

If you’ve decided to add a fire table to your outdoor living space, now it’s time to integrate it into your existing designs. Our customers love adding their fire tables as a centerpiece underneath a pergola. This offers a beautiful centerpiece to your outdoor space, while also providing a shady spot to eat during the summer months. As the air cools in the evening, the fire table provides a cozy spot to enjoy a meal outside. Pairing the fire table with string lights hung through the pergola provides the perfect ambiance for intimate dinner gatherings, summer barbecues, and more. 

Fire Tables and Decks

Our Bayshore 34 X 48 Firetable is the perfect option for families looking to upgrade their deck or porch. It is the perfect size to be surrounded by Adirondack chairs or cushioned chairs and loveseats, and provides the perfect place to enjoy a drink after a long day’s work. The Bayshore is also small enough that it fits perfectly on a smaller front porch, offering warmth and style to your home’s entryway. 

Poolside Fire Tables

Another great way to use your fire table is by the pool. Placing a fire table poolside offers parents a warm place to hang out while the kids go for an evening swim, or a warm space to have a snack after you’re finished swimming. For bonus points, place your fire table underneath a poolside pavilion, pergola, or gazebo!

Maintaining Your Fire Table

Fire tables are typically kept outside, especially during the spring, summer, and fall months. All King’s Impressions fire tables are built with poly wood, which is very easy to care for. Typically, a wipe down with soapy water and a washcloth will keep the table portion of your fire table looking as good as new. For more persistent dirt and grime, you can also use a soft bristle brush, soap, and water. 

As we discussed earlier, most fire tables are run by a propane tank stored underneath the table. It is important for your safety and the longevity of the fire table to not only turn off the fire table but also close all valves connected to the propane tank for storage. We also recommend using the provided cover to prevent water, moisture, and debris from gathering in the gas lines. 

Have you decided that a fire table is the missing piece for your outdoor living space? Browse Fire Tables online, visit our store, or contact us today for more information!