Kings Impressions small dining set

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Whether you’re outfitting a small child’s bedroom or only have so much square footage to work with in your living space, saving space becomes a top priority. When you look around your space, try to imagine what kinds of furniture you’ll need. Rearrange them and try to figure out if everything will fit.

If your space is not quite big enough for everything you have in mind, you can make your furniture work for you to make enough room. Take a look at these space saving pieces that can give you the extra room you need for everything you want in your space.

Under Bed Storage

If you have a little too much stuff to stow, forget using bins – find a bed with storage compartments! A bed with convenient storage underneath saves on floor space and eliminates the need for bins. For small bedrooms, if you can’t fit a dresser and have a tiny closet, these beds are perfect.

At Kings Impressions, we offer under bed storage options for most of our beds. With full extension slides, you can easily access all the contents in your drawers. You can opt for 6 smaller drawers or 3 deeper drawers per side. Take a look at what we have and say goodbye to bins and boxes.

Kitchen Islands

Some kitchens aren’t equipped for serious cooks or additional seating. Without enough counter space, the cook of the house will quickly get overwhelmed. If you don’t have room for a traditional dining room table but your kitchen has space, adding an island can give you the seating you need.

With an island, you also pick up much needed storage options with an extra cabinet or drawers. As an added bonus, we also offer a double garbage can drawer. These are excellent for tactful placement of your rubbish and save much needed floor space.

The pull-out shelf option is a great choice, so you don’t lose things in the back of the cabinet. These shelves make everything in your cabinet easily accessible.


Entertaining guests can be difficult when you have limited space. Even with a modest dining room table and four chairs, you can only seat four guests.

If you love hosting people and struggle to find seating, we recommend a bench that extends much like an extendable kitchen table. It doesn’t take much space but can seat up to six adults. And if you have guests with children, benches like these are even more useful when they pile together.

There are many styles available to fit any home. Like all our furniture, they are available in multiple types of wood and stains to complement your existing furniture or to complete the set you are currently ordering.

Small Tables

If you downsized your home but aren’t downsizing your social life, having a table is still essential. That doesn’t mean that it needs to be huge! But for serving appetizers or hosting dinners, a dining room table is still necessary. You don’t need to skimp on style to still have a table, either. Forget the card table and get something classic.

We have table models sizing in at only 36×48 that comfortably seat four people without extension. These are perfect for smaller spaces, and don’t hold back on style. The option to extend the table an additional four feet gives more flexibility to the amount of people you can host, without having a table too large for your space for everyday living.

If you would like to see more options, feel free to contact us or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you! May your time spent around the table be filled with delicious dining and happy memories!